Elliptical Equipment Buying Guide & Sole E35 Elliptical Specifics

PowerSports Review Network is proud to release it’s new, 2016, sport equipment buing guide, now, attaining fitness and ideal weight are some of the common lifestyle issues that many people are striving to achieve, some opt to invest in an elliptical such as the Sole E35 elliptical machine.

However, the journey to this fulfilling lifestyle change is always painful, costly and time consuming.The invention of in-home training programs and equipment popular among them being elliptical machine has helped many people adopt fitness programs since they find in-home programs more convenient, cheaper and less time consuming. Thus, if you are looking to start a fitness or weight loss program, this powerful equipment should be on top of your “to buy items”. Elliptical machines gives outstanding results which can enhance your cardiovascular health, help you loose weight and promotes strength training.

Having understood the importance of this equipment to your training program, buying one can be a challenge to you.There are several brands, such as Sole Fitness, Vision Fitness, ProForm, with different price ranges and features make it difficult to tell which one is the most effective in attaining the goals of your training program.

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This elliptical buying guide can help you determine the most important features to look out for and the best price range.

Budget (Sole E35 Elliptical Price Range)

The most important element while shopping for any item is its price and how much you are willing to spend. As a general guide, the most expensive models can cost anything from 2,200 dollars to 3,600 dollars.These expensive elliptical equipment tend to be large and sturdy with features like an in-build chest strap for monitoring your heart rate, a life time warranty on its frames and lots of safety features. Expensive elliptical machines such as the Sole E35 elliptical comes with many features (most of which you probably don’t need), ellipticalconsumers.com. And, just don’t forget to keep up the resistance on your elliptical trainer, gymsource.com.

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The cheaper ones can cost up to 150 dollars with others even less than 100 dollars.

However, these cheap models have less features particularly safety features and don’t last for long.Thus, take your time to get a balance between the price and the features you are willing to compromise on.

The best deal is to buy the expensive ones even if it means taking some time to save for one.

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Safety features

One of the most important elements of elliptical buying guide is the safety of the equipment.The best elliptical equipments have handle bars which are stationery with sensors build-in for heart-rate monitor.

A chest strap mentioned earlier is another component of safety in an elliptical machine.Your equipment should have hand-rails to enhance your balance while training but be careful to ensure the handrails don’t get in your way.

Cool-down periods is another safety element not only in an elliptical equipment but in may training equipments. Cool down periods help you to relax and avoid pushing your self too hard which can be an hazard to your health.

More: Safety device for elliptical exercise machines.

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Adjusting Resistance

Remember, to get the most out of your equipment,your body should experience some resistance which will challenge it to push harder, burn more calories and get you that perfect weight. Thus, resistance should be another elliptical buying guide that you should look out for. The best equipment contain natural fluid motion which is provided by the whisper drive system.This enables the equipment to function both in reserve motion and forward motion giving you challenging resistance and enabling you work on different muscles.

Further, the heavy fly wheel combined with high gear ratio offers a smooth feel with extremely high resistance giving you the most challenging work out. The power features in some ideal equipments like the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical is another element providing additional resistance

These features enable your elliptical equipment give you a work out that is similar to a combination of staircase climbing, cross country and moderate running. Imagine how much calories you burn in such exercises.

Size and stride length

One issue that most elliptical buying guide articles and resources hardly address is the size of the elliptical equipment particularly the stride length.

What is the ideal size for you?

Remember this is an equipment that you will use at home or in your office.

Thus, how much extra space do you have?

Most elliptical equipments have a size in the range of 6 feet by 2.5 with some being larger and others smaller.This can be an ideal size for you but you have to be careful to ensure that your ceiling is sufficiently high for safety concerns. In terms of stride length, most trainers and sports equipment experts agree that the ideal height depends on an individual’s height. Having an elliptical equipment with a too short stride length can put your legs in overly short oval making you uncomfortable and not attaining maximum benefits. Similarly,an elliptical equipment with too long stride length will pull your leg muscles as you have to extend too far stretching your leg muscles. This stretching can be unhealthy in the long run as you might end up limping.Thus, if you are in the range of 5 feet and 3 inches, start with one with a 16-18 inches stride length. For those individuals who are 5 feet 7 inches and taller, a 20-inch stride-length is ideal for you.

Most elliptical equipment are designed with a 20-inch stride length as most people are in this height range, thus if you are shorter, you might take longer before finding your ideal stride length but it is totally worth it. The Sole E35 elliptical comes with a maximum stride length of 20″.


This equipment being a home based training equipment, portability should be one of your important features before buying. An ideal one should make it possible for you to train in your living room, bed room, study room or even outside as you wish.Thus, make sure your equipment is highly portable, light weight and has transport wheels for easier movement if possible.

Smooth ME is the best elliptical equipment in terms of portability.

Its wheels on the Sole E35 elliptical (see pictures below) make it possible to tilt forward or move it to a new location.

sole e35 elliptical behind

sole e35 elliptical

Ideal user-weight; Sole E35 elliptical: 375 lbs.

Remember every elliptical equipment, such as the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical, has maximum capacity that it can accommodate.

  • How many pounds do you weight?
  • Can your weight be accommodated by this specific equipment?.

Think of other potential users who might want to use your elliptical equipment like your spouse or children. Ensure the frame of your elliptical equipment is sturdy enough to support every potential user in your home. Although some equipments can support a few extra pounds beyond maximum capacity, be careful to ensure this capacity is not exceeded frequently as this will eventually make the equipment break down.The user-weigh is another important factor in elliptical buying guide.

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These are just some of the most important factors you should consider when shopping for your elliptical equipment.There are numerous other factors you should consider like how noisy is the equipment, what is the ideal user height, what are the extra high tech features like USB port or wireless internet connectivity among others

Take time to think about such issues before buying one an elliptical such as the Sole E35 elliptical for Sole Fitness, or any other brand for that matter.