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All About the Newly Launched Sole E95 Elliptical Technology (Review)

The sole e95 elliptical technology has been successfully applied to sole e95 elliptical workout equipment product, PowerSports Review Network shares our insights on the new technology used in the new sole fitness e95.

This machine is the newest invention in the field of gym equipments.

This machine is availed by the fitness centers, gym clubs as well as domestic gym uses. This technology has incorporated a lot of new improved as well revised features to the machine. Many of these features are totally absent in the older versions of workout machines.

sole e95 elliptical console

The sole fitness E95 technology is involved with electronic operations to burn body calories to reduce the extra fat and keep you slim. The machines run by this technology never impose any negative side-effects on your body after prolonged usage. These are also available at very reasonable prices.

sole e95

What are the features of the E95 machine technology?

  • It involves an elliptical trainer along with a heavy flywheel of 30 pound weight.
  • The technology offers smoother performances than ordinary gym equipments
  • This technology also involves a number of power inclined features, adding resistance to the voluntary muscles of your body
  • The tech supports 9 inches LCD which is blue in color to track the distance, time, calories, pulses, etc.
  • The technology has imparted a custom-designed integrated sound system as well oversize foot pedals
  • It supports built-in cooling fans with 400 pounds capacity and weighs 215 pounds

The sole e95 elliptical technology driven workout machines is designed with a number of easy-to-use consoles. Some of these are built-in cooling fans, eater bottles and vibrant LED readout.

The technology provides you with smooth and natural fluid motion along with the whisper-quiet driving systems.

sole e95 elliptical display

What benefits are offered by this latest technology? Let us review the news offered by the Sole E95 elliptical

The sole e95 elliptical technology supports all the features use in an advanced health club workout machine, in-depth reviews has been published on elliptical cardio and consumer reports.

sole e95 elliptical pedals and fly wheel sole elliptical e95 fly wheel

The E95 sole elliptical console has built-in speakers with mp3 players like iPod for listening pleasure.

The technology includes a fluid motion system which acts in both forward and reverse directions. The technology combines 34 lb flywheel and high gear ratio. This technique gives you a very smooth feeling and offer good resistances to the skeletal muscles of your body to shed the extra fat.

You can flexibly move your body in various directions and positions by simply touching the machine buttons. The ramp angle can also be adjusted from zero to 40 degrees. The Stationary handle bars have built-in pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate.

The chest strap is used to measure the heart rates with fore hands. The foot petals are covered with foam cushions to provide you with more comfort during the workouts. These are designed by reputed physical therapists in the whole world.

sole e95 elliptical pedals sole e95 elliptical frame

The engineers have designed the machine based on the sole e95 elliptical technology with a 2 degree inward slope to foot pedals which reduces the ankle and knee stresses.

recently tested fitness equipment

What are the machine specifications supported by this technology?

  • A flywheel of 30 pounds
  • Good front drives
  • Stride strength of 20 inches
  • Resistance type of Eddy Current Braking
  • A resistance level of 20
  • 10 adjustable pedals
  • Good upper body
  • Good HGP
  • Standard handgrip
  • Convenient power incline
  • Good heart rate controls
  • Backlit LCD of 9 inches
  • Included data like time, distance, pulse, calories, pace, resistance levels and incline
  • Perfect profile matrix
  • 2 user defined with 6 standard programs
  • 2 heart rate programs with chest straps
  • The machine has 215 pound weight with a capacity of 400 pound
  • Product dimension is 66 x 33 x 23 inches
  • The manufacturer is offering 5 years long warranty on the electronic part and 2 years of warranty on the labor.
  • The features of the sole e95 elliptical technology driven gym equipments are 100% unique.

The Sole E95 elliptical: how to utilize the technology?

The gym machines made on sole e95 elliptical technology has very easy operating facilities.

e95 sole elliptical from sole fitness

One of the best features of this technology is the utmost customized manner with which the machines are made. Similar to the Gyroscopic Resistive Exercise Technology.

You can always supervise each and every move during your workout in the sole fitness e95 via the 9 inch LCD display. You can also enjoy the music played on the MP3 player on this machine. Thus, there will be no fatigue and boredom during the workouts.

If you regularly workout with these machines, you will not only shed fat but also get a healthy heart without any problems. It is suitable for the users of all ages but must practice under supervision for kids and elderly users.

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Thus, the sole e95 elliptical technology driven machine is a very good option to lose weight, gain an attractive body and keep the heart healthy, finally, make sure to read about: How do elliptical machines differ from walking.