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Is the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Best Workout Machine for Beginners?

It’s the month of Black Friday 2018 and PowerSports Review Network is coming at you with a new sport equipment guide, this is the time for our just released Bowflex Max Trainer M3 review.

Now, if you’re on the lookout for the best workout equipment out on the market right now, then the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is definitely worth considering. The M3 being Bowflex’s entry-level model makes it the most affordable in their line of elliptical machines.

Bowflex Max Trainer M3, Manual and Chest Strap.

With Black Friday coming up, offers and discounts are popping up everywhere, so I’m sure you’ll be able to scout the best deals (Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Black Friday deals, specials and coupons codes here). Still, these things don’t exactly go for cheap, so it’s very important to know what you’re getting here and what this machine can do for you.

There are many things to consider before making a purchase as big as this one. First of all, how much space are you going to need?

Second, will this machine target all the muscle groups that you want to exercise? You don’t want something bulky and complicated in your home that only targets your legs or your arms.

I’m happy to say that the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 works wonders as it is designed to give you the most optimal workout. With eight resistance levels, it can challenge everyone from beginners to gym buffs with no problems at all.

Bowflex promises a workout so efficient that you’ll only need to spend 14 minutes a day on it to see some results. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

With this machine, it’s very likely that you’ll want to work out for longer because it’s so easy to use and does not put stress on your joints at all.

It’s not going to be like working on a treadmill and being weak-kneed for the next couple of days.

But let’s get into the details and take a look and see if this is the one you should splurge on when Black Friday comes around.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 – It’s 2-In1

The best part about this machine is that the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is an elliptical and a stair climber at the same time. This means you could do only this for cardio and you’d be good to go.

What’s amazing about this is that the M3 is even better than a normal elliptical because of its unique design. It’s not like they just slapped on two machines together and called it a day.

I think we can all say that it’s so tedious to do specific workouts for every muscle group to make sure everything is in tip top shape. Not everyone has a trainer to plan these workouts for them in the first place.

Simplifying Your Workout

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 eliminates all that by simplifying your workout. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle, this machine is an excellent addition to your routine.

No Separate Arm and Leg Workouts

If you’re always in a rush and don’t have the time to keep switching machines during your workout, then this is the right choice for you. You don’t have to do separate arm and leg workouts.

Bowflex Max Trainer M3 and Natural Movements

It’s also designed for movement that feels more natural despite how engaged your whole body is going to be. The good thing about this is that it burns way more calories than just running on a treadmill.

This is perfect if you’re trying to lose weight or tone up your muscles. The movements are aided and don’t have the same kind of harsh impact as running would on your knees.

Remember, working out with exercise equipment is always going to be more efficient than just running or doing pushups because they’re specially designed to target certain body parts and prevent others from getting strained.

It’s Easier to Chase That Good Burn

Since the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 offers a full body workout, this assures that you’ll burn a lot more calories in lesser time because your whole body is engaged.

Say you go jogging for half an hour, then only your leg muscles are actually activated. Yes, this will burn some calories, but not as much as if you activate all your muscles at the same time.

This is very possible on the M3. The same half hour on this machine will make you burn three times more the calories. I think that bears repeating – three times more.

Working out on the M3 is going to feel different because it activates your upper body more than a regular elliptical machine.

So I think we’d all agree that getting the M3 will save you a lot of time and a lot of money. Those gym membership fees add up quite a bit and you don’t always have the time to go on a hike or rock climb because who does?

The Bowflex Max Trainer Is Easy on the Joints

Exercising can put a lot of strain on your joints. This is why you should have special workout regimens if you’re a little older or you’re on the heavier side. Running, for example, targets your thigh and calf muscles, but also wears down your knees.

But regardless of age and weight, joint and ligament care should always be one of your main concerns when working out because neglecting to do so will not be good for you in the long run.

You don’t want to get any injuries that you’re just going to have to live with for the rest of your life.

But the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 also gets rid of this problem. It has no impact on the joints whatsoever because the whole work out is supported. Bowflex made it a point to develop this machine with the body’s natural movement in mind.

Without any pressure being put on your joints, it’s more likely that you can go for longer workouts and, in effect, burn more fat without ever feeling pain.

Good Overall Design

Other exercise machines are bulky and can be very frustrating when you set it up. The Bowflex Max Trainer M3, on the other hand, is very sleek, can be folded to be stowed away, and is very easy to assemble. I’m sure it will look great in your basement or home gym.

Additionally, the average treadmill will require two times the space the M3 does. That’s a small footprint.

The controls are not complicated at all with just a turn dial to adjust resistance. You can choose up to eight levels, so it will be quite a little while before you plateau. They also include a chest strap to monitor your heart rate.

You can set up two profiles, so this will be great if you intend to share this machine with someone else. There is a water holder and a big enough shelf to hold any book or tablet.

So if you don’t want a head scratcher and want something straightforward and easy to use, the M3 is your best bet.

Our Final Verdict on the Bowflex Max Trainer M3

There is really nothing like the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 on the market right now because it combines two workouts in one. This is a good machine for those who are looking to maintain their weight or just starting off on their weight loss journey.

It’s ridiculously easy to use this machine, so you’re more likely to put the time in and work out because you enjoy what you do and you enjoy seeing the fast results.

If you find yourself feeling a little intimidated by other exercise equipment at the gym, having your own M3 is as simple as it can get because it’s the entry-level model with just the absolute essential features that you’re going to need.

If you use this machine for a while and want to shake things up a bit, there are a number of workouts you can follow along with on Bowflex’s YouTube channel.

We appreciate your feedback!

Yes, the M3 can go for quite a bit of money, but it’s well worth it as far as fitness machines go. It’ll be good to keep an eye out for Black Friday deals on the Bowflex Max Trainer M3.

Elliptical Equipment Buying Guide & Sole E35 Elliptical Specifics

PowerSports Review Network is proud to release it’s new, 2016, sport equipment buing guide, now, attaining fitness and ideal weight are some of the common lifestyle issues that many people are striving to achieve, some opt to invest in an elliptical such as the Sole E35 elliptical machine.

However, the journey to this fulfilling lifestyle change is always painful, costly and time consuming.The invention of in-home training programs and equipment popular among them being elliptical machine has helped many people adopt fitness programs since they find in-home programs more convenient, cheaper and less time consuming. Thus, if you are looking to start a fitness or weight loss program, this powerful equipment should be on top of your “to buy items”. Elliptical machines gives outstanding results which can enhance your cardiovascular health, help you loose weight and promotes strength training.

Having understood the importance of this equipment to your training program, buying one can be a challenge to you.There are several brands, such as Sole Fitness, Vision Fitness, ProForm, with different price ranges and features make it difficult to tell which one is the most effective in attaining the goals of your training program.

sole fitness

This elliptical buying guide can help you determine the most important features to look out for and the best price range.

Budget (Sole E35 Elliptical Price Range)

The most important element while shopping for any item is its price and how much you are willing to spend. As a general guide, the most expensive models can cost anything from 2,200 dollars to 3,600 dollars.These expensive elliptical equipment tend to be large and sturdy with features like an in-build chest strap for monitoring your heart rate, a life time warranty on its frames and lots of safety features. Expensive elliptical machines such as the Sole E35 elliptical comes with many features (most of which you probably don’t need), And, just don’t forget to keep up the resistance on your elliptical trainer,

sole e35

The cheaper ones can cost up to 150 dollars with others even less than 100 dollars.

However, these cheap models have less features particularly safety features and don’t last for long.Thus, take your time to get a balance between the price and the features you are willing to compromise on.

The best deal is to buy the expensive ones even if it means taking some time to save for one.

sole e35 elliptical console

Safety features

One of the most important elements of elliptical buying guide is the safety of the equipment.The best elliptical equipments have handle bars which are stationery with sensors build-in for heart-rate monitor.

A chest strap mentioned earlier is another component of safety in an elliptical machine.Your equipment should have hand-rails to enhance your balance while training but be careful to ensure the handrails don’t get in your way.

Cool-down periods is another safety element not only in an elliptical equipment but in may training equipments. Cool down periods help you to relax and avoid pushing your self too hard which can be an hazard to your health.

More: Safety device for elliptical exercise machines.

sole e35 elliptical

Adjusting Resistance

Remember, to get the most out of your equipment,your body should experience some resistance which will challenge it to push harder, burn more calories and get you that perfect weight. Thus, resistance should be another elliptical buying guide that you should look out for. The best equipment contain natural fluid motion which is provided by the whisper drive system.This enables the equipment to function both in reserve motion and forward motion giving you challenging resistance and enabling you work on different muscles.

Further, the heavy fly wheel combined with high gear ratio offers a smooth feel with extremely high resistance giving you the most challenging work out. The power features in some ideal equipments like the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical is another element providing additional resistance

These features enable your elliptical equipment give you a work out that is similar to a combination of staircase climbing, cross country and moderate running. Imagine how much calories you burn in such exercises.

Size and stride length

One issue that most elliptical buying guide articles and resources hardly address is the size of the elliptical equipment particularly the stride length.

What is the ideal size for you?

Remember this is an equipment that you will use at home or in your office.

Thus, how much extra space do you have?

Most elliptical equipments have a size in the range of 6 feet by 2.5 with some being larger and others smaller.This can be an ideal size for you but you have to be careful to ensure that your ceiling is sufficiently high for safety concerns. In terms of stride length, most trainers and sports equipment experts agree that the ideal height depends on an individual’s height. Having an elliptical equipment with a too short stride length can put your legs in overly short oval making you uncomfortable and not attaining maximum benefits. Similarly,an elliptical equipment with too long stride length will pull your leg muscles as you have to extend too far stretching your leg muscles. This stretching can be unhealthy in the long run as you might end up limping.Thus, if you are in the range of 5 feet and 3 inches, start with one with a 16-18 inches stride length. For those individuals who are 5 feet 7 inches and taller, a 20-inch stride-length is ideal for you.

Most elliptical equipment are designed with a 20-inch stride length as most people are in this height range, thus if you are shorter, you might take longer before finding your ideal stride length but it is totally worth it. The Sole E35 elliptical comes with a maximum stride length of 20″.


This equipment being a home based training equipment, portability should be one of your important features before buying. An ideal one should make it possible for you to train in your living room, bed room, study room or even outside as you wish.Thus, make sure your equipment is highly portable, light weight and has transport wheels for easier movement if possible.

Smooth ME is the best elliptical equipment in terms of portability.

Its wheels on the Sole E35 elliptical (see pictures below) make it possible to tilt forward or move it to a new location.

sole e35 elliptical behind

sole e35 elliptical

Ideal user-weight; Sole E35 elliptical: 375 lbs.

Remember every elliptical equipment, such as the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical, has maximum capacity that it can accommodate.

  • How many pounds do you weight?
  • Can your weight be accommodated by this specific equipment?.

Think of other potential users who might want to use your elliptical equipment like your spouse or children. Ensure the frame of your elliptical equipment is sturdy enough to support every potential user in your home. Although some equipments can support a few extra pounds beyond maximum capacity, be careful to ensure this capacity is not exceeded frequently as this will eventually make the equipment break down.The user-weigh is another important factor in elliptical buying guide.

ellipticalconsumers product test and reviews

We appreciate your feedback!

These are just some of the most important factors you should consider when shopping for your elliptical equipment.There are numerous other factors you should consider like how noisy is the equipment, what is the ideal user height, what are the extra high tech features like USB port or wireless internet connectivity among others

Take time to think about such issues before buying one an elliptical such as the Sole E35 elliptical for Sole Fitness, or any other brand for that matter.

New Product Launch & Review Sole E25 Elliptical Specifications

PowerSports Review Network would like to share it’s thoughts on getting the best out of exercising means having the right equipment at the right place and at the right time and Sole E25 elliptical has proven to be a top-notch competitor compared to other home gyms.

Despite some few issues that are manageable, most of its users seem to be satisfied with its performance. The specs appear to be more satisfying, performance seems to be out of the question and most importantly, it comes with the best offer on the warranty that is uncommon with other home gyms available on the market.

To understand clearly what Sole’s e25 brand means to a fitness fanatic here is a brief overview on sole e25 elliptical review.

sole e25 elliptical console


If it is not music, any external noise is a disturbance that you might not find pleasing especially when you are aiming higher with your workouts.

sole e25 elliptical

Unlike other home gyms, Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical allows you to focus on your workouts without any unnecessary noise from its running parts since it is designed to run smoothly and quietly, reviews can be found at elliptical watch and consumer reports.. It is also sturdy and comes with some remarkable features. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the risk of failure to perform as specified by the manufacturer since it comes the most amazing offer on warranty as a coverage to any potential loss, just as for the E95.

Here are some of its astounding specs


  •  Power-adjustable strides
  • 20-inch maximum stride length
  • Comes with six standard programs
  • Has two custom programs
  • It also has two heart programs accompanied by chest straps.
  • Has inbuilt cooling fans
  • 15-inch pedal size – Large enough for comfort
  • It has speakers that allow you to plug in Mp3 player that is meant for entertainment.
  • 6.5-inch LCD to monitor your training progress
  • Measurements: 27″ Width, 58″ Length and 71″ Depth

sole e25


Let’s dive in.


Sole e25 elliptical does not only allow you to get more from your workouts, but also allows you to plug in an Mp3 player and play any type of song you like as you workout.


Compared to other home gyms, sole e25 comes with large foot pedals measuring 15 inches with a 2-degree inward slope designed to reduce the stress on both the knees and ankles during workouts.

Large foot pedals together with adjustable foot beds are designed to provide maximum comfort during workouts.


Buying sole e25 comes with a great warranty offer that covers both faults in workmanship as well as the materials. The frame has a lifetime warranty, three years warranty on electronics and parts and lastly, one warranty year on labor.

The offer on warranty means that you don’t have to worry about the risk involved in buying equipment with factory defects.


The sole e25 elliptical also comes with a 6.5-inch LDC display that is backlit hence enables you to track your workout progress effectively. The training data is quite essential especially when you are looking to achieve greater by competing against yourself.


Sole Fitness e25 comes with a power incline feature that offers additional resistance and at the same time provide different positions hence enables you to diversify your workouts.

To achieve this, you need to press the button to raise or lower the incline ramp to a position of your choosing.


* Sole e25 has pulse rate sensors that allow you to monitor your heart rate as you are working out. The pulse rate sensors are meant for improving the fat burn process, cardio performances as well as endurance.


Let’s list them.


With a weight of 189 pounds, sole e25 is quite high compared to other home gyms its type. According to other users, its size is not designed for a limited space, meaning that you have to find a larger space to place it. However, the heavyweight factor also comes with its benefits that include, stability of the equipment during workouts as well as durability.


At a price of 999.99 US dollars, fewer users find it expensive, but the high price is backed up by the fact that those that find it an issue are satisfied with the performance. It is also realized that other equivalent home gyms on the market aren’t that cheap either.


Just like any other product on the market, sole fitness e25 elliptical has both its bad side as well as its good side. There are those that find its use both satisfying as well as those that still feel it needs some improvements. However, the negative customer feedbacks come from very few manageable issues that are also less popular with the equipment itself. Overall, the users are more positive about it:

The main reason it deserves all the credits it gets.

However, those that don’t find it quite satisfying complain about a few issues that when analyzed properly, appear to be contrary to what those that are satisfied are saying about it.


After 68 reviews, Sole e25 settles at a rating of 3.1 after which is a slightly a pass for a home gym its type. There are a few users that claim it breaks easily and it is too noisy during training that is contrary to manufacturers specifications and other satisfied user’s claims. There are also a few issues with the wheels sliding off the track and more. The worst part is that others are saying that the customer service is fond of responding slowly to any complaint that is becoming a bother to most of its users.

However, these complaints come from a few users.

On the other hand, those that rank it among the best home gyms available on the market are saying the exact opposite of what the complainants are saying. According to positive reviewers, the sole e25 elliptical is as specified by the manufacturers. The features are quite astounding, it performs best compared to other home gyms on the market, and lastly, it is durable.

There is also few noted positive comments from the users that gives it much credibility, for example, “the equipment last longer than expected”, “you get what you pay for” and more.

ellipticalwatch product test and reviews



If used as instructed by the manufacturers, sole e25 elliptical deserves a position on the top list of the best home gyms available on the market. The reason the equipment deserves a better ranking is evident from the fact that, most users are on the same page with the manufacturers and that the negative feedbacks seem to vary among the complainants. The rating itself is a pass on and even better on other websites.

sole fitness e25

Send you feedback here!

The Sole E25 elliptical comes with the most amazing specs, works perfectly for those that aim higher with their workouts and most importantly, it is much stronger compared to its rivals.

All About the Newly Launched Sole E95 Elliptical Technology (Review)

The sole e95 elliptical technology has been successfully applied to sole e95 elliptical workout equipment product, PowerSports Review Network shares our insights on the new technology used in the new sole fitness e95.

This machine is the newest invention in the field of gym equipments.

This machine is availed by the fitness centers, gym clubs as well as domestic gym uses. This technology has incorporated a lot of new improved as well revised features to the machine. Many of these features are totally absent in the older versions of workout machines.

sole e95 elliptical console

The sole fitness E95 technology is involved with electronic operations to burn body calories to reduce the extra fat and keep you slim. The machines run by this technology never impose any negative side-effects on your body after prolonged usage. These are also available at very reasonable prices.

sole e95

What are the features of the E95 machine technology?

  • It involves an elliptical trainer along with a heavy flywheel of 30 pound weight.
  • The technology offers smoother performances than ordinary gym equipments
  • This technology also involves a number of power inclined features, adding resistance to the voluntary muscles of your body
  • The tech supports 9 inches LCD which is blue in color to track the distance, time, calories, pulses, etc.
  • The technology has imparted a custom-designed integrated sound system as well oversize foot pedals
  • It supports built-in cooling fans with 400 pounds capacity and weighs 215 pounds

The sole e95 elliptical technology driven workout machines is designed with a number of easy-to-use consoles. Some of these are built-in cooling fans, eater bottles and vibrant LED readout.

The technology provides you with smooth and natural fluid motion along with the whisper-quiet driving systems.

sole e95 elliptical display

What benefits are offered by this latest technology? Let us review the news offered by the Sole E95 elliptical

The sole e95 elliptical technology supports all the features use in an advanced health club workout machine, in-depth reviews has been published on elliptical cardio and consumer reports.

sole e95 elliptical pedals and fly wheel sole elliptical e95 fly wheel

The E95 sole elliptical console has built-in speakers with mp3 players like iPod for listening pleasure.

The technology includes a fluid motion system which acts in both forward and reverse directions. The technology combines 34 lb flywheel and high gear ratio. This technique gives you a very smooth feeling and offer good resistances to the skeletal muscles of your body to shed the extra fat.

You can flexibly move your body in various directions and positions by simply touching the machine buttons. The ramp angle can also be adjusted from zero to 40 degrees. The Stationary handle bars have built-in pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate.

The chest strap is used to measure the heart rates with fore hands. The foot petals are covered with foam cushions to provide you with more comfort during the workouts. These are designed by reputed physical therapists in the whole world.

sole e95 elliptical pedals sole e95 elliptical frame

The engineers have designed the machine based on the sole e95 elliptical technology with a 2 degree inward slope to foot pedals which reduces the ankle and knee stresses.

recently tested fitness equipment

What are the machine specifications supported by this technology?

  • A flywheel of 30 pounds
  • Good front drives
  • Stride strength of 20 inches
  • Resistance type of Eddy Current Braking
  • A resistance level of 20
  • 10 adjustable pedals
  • Good upper body
  • Good HGP
  • Standard handgrip
  • Convenient power incline
  • Good heart rate controls
  • Backlit LCD of 9 inches
  • Included data like time, distance, pulse, calories, pace, resistance levels and incline
  • Perfect profile matrix
  • 2 user defined with 6 standard programs
  • 2 heart rate programs with chest straps
  • The machine has 215 pound weight with a capacity of 400 pound
  • Product dimension is 66 x 33 x 23 inches
  • The manufacturer is offering 5 years long warranty on the electronic part and 2 years of warranty on the labor.
  • The features of the sole e95 elliptical technology driven gym equipments are 100% unique.

The Sole E95 elliptical: how to utilize the technology?

The gym machines made on sole e95 elliptical technology has very easy operating facilities.

e95 sole elliptical from sole fitness

One of the best features of this technology is the utmost customized manner with which the machines are made. Similar to the Gyroscopic Resistive Exercise Technology.

You can always supervise each and every move during your workout in the sole fitness e95 via the 9 inch LCD display. You can also enjoy the music played on the MP3 player on this machine. Thus, there will be no fatigue and boredom during the workouts.

If you regularly workout with these machines, you will not only shed fat but also get a healthy heart without any problems. It is suitable for the users of all ages but must practice under supervision for kids and elderly users.

We welcome your feedback!

Thus, the sole e95 elliptical technology driven machine is a very good option to lose weight, gain an attractive body and keep the heart healthy, finally, make sure to read about: How do elliptical machines differ from walking.